AppleScript Scripts

Name Description Download Source License
Connect Sidecar Connect a Mac to Sidecar using a keyboard shortcut (e.g., with Keyboard Maestro or FastScripts). MIT

PopClip Extensions

Extensions for PopClip.

Name Description Download Source License
Open with Choosy Opens the selected URL with Choosy. The Unlicense
Backticks Like the official Quotes or Brackets extension, except for programmers. Encloses the selected text within ` `, ' ', " ", ( ), [ ], { } or < > The Unlicense
Fantastical 3 Updates Pilotmoon's Fantastical 2 extension to work with Fantastical 3. (Note: There's now an official extension for Fantastical 3, but there wasn't at the time that I made this.) The Unlicense
fr-en Translates the selected text from French to English using The Unlicense
IMDb Searches IMDb for the selected text. The Unlicense

zsh Functions

Functions for zsh on macOS. All functions are in this GitHub repository. The "Source" buttons below link to specific functions. See the repository's README file for usage information.

Name Description Source License
batchtc Transcodes all .mkv files in the current directory using Other Video Transcoding. The Unlicense
openallin Uses a specified application to open all files matching a given pattern. The Unlicense