A cool Terminal trick from Brett Terpstra: Add the line below to your .bash_profile file. Then when you type f in Terminal, and it will open the current directory in Finder.

f() { open -a "Finder" "${1-.}"; }

You can also pass a directory name to the command, and it will open that directory.

Before Bunch had the Quit Apps in… option, I created a bunch called “Quitting Time” to close all of the apps that I usually have open during the work day. I still get some satisfaction from clicking that one, especially on Fridays, so I kept it around even after Quit Apps in… was added.

  Bunch screenshot
Blue feather
 Sep 30, 2018 17:35
Blue feather
Airborne sunset
 Sep 4, 2018 17:10
The VSCO preset that I used is appropriately called Sunset.
Butterfly on flower
 Aug 25, 2018 10:54