Posting Via Email

Published on by Geoff Taylor

My post-via-email setup is working for notes and photos. (I posted this via email.)

New Post Format: Note

Published on by Geoff Taylor

I added a new note format (a layout in Jekyll terminology) for posting links and short entries with just a few lines of text. I’m also working on a way to post to a Jekyll blog via email. It’ll probably be limited to notes and photos.

Use Workflow to Send an OmniFocus Task to Trello

Published on by Geoff Taylor

I manage all of my personal projects and tasks in OmniFocus, but recently I was working on a larger project and realized it would be nice to have a more visual Kanban-style view of the projects instead of just the list of tasks in OmniFocus. Trello has a great (and free) iPad app that allows this sort of visualization.

I didn’t want to type all of my tasks again just to get them into Trello, so I wanted to automate transferring the tasks from OmniFocus to Trello. Since I only use OmniFocus on my iPad and since Workflow has actions for both OmniFocus and Trello, Workflow seemed like the ideal solution. (My solution actually requires not just Workflow but also Pythonista, as a small Python script was the best way I could accomplish part of this process.)

Rather than write what would be a very long and probably boring description, I prepared a screencast to demonstrate the workflow.

Get the apps, workflow and script

Transparency and Openness from Panic

Published on by Geoff Taylor

Panic makes great apps (I use a few of them). I hate that this happened to them, but you have to admire their transparency and openness about this situation.

Workflow: Copy OmniFocus Task Link

Published on by Geoff Taylor

I recently bought OmniFocus for my iPad after finding other task management apps insufficient. The one real weakness I found in OmniFocus was the inability to link to tasks in other projects to indicate a cross-project dependency. (From my research online, I gather that most OmniFocus users think this is counter to accepted usage patterns and thus not a good idea. Nonetheless, it’s something I need to do.)

While doing research to figure out if this was possible, I found a discussion forum where an OmniFocus user mentioned that in the Mac version of OmniFocus (which I didn’t buy), it’s possible to copy the link to a task. I wondered if this was also possible in the iOS version.

I started by opening the task, clicking the “share” button and selecting “copy,” which yielded this:

- Test task @parallel(true) @autodone(false)
	This is a test.

The task’s URL is there: omnifocus:///task/cIx7zMCx7iz.

Next step: Can I use Workflow to parse just the task URL and copy it to the clipboard?

I have an action extension workflow with one step — View Content Graph. Running this workflow on the OmniFocus task, I could see that OmniFocus was passing the task URL to Workflow.

  Workflow content graph showing OmniFocus task URL

Using another action extension workflow that gets the URLs from the input and displays them using the Quick Look action, I determined — through a bit of trial and error by running it on various tasks — that the task URL is always the last URL that OmniFocus passes to Workflow.

  OmniFocus task URL

The task URL can be easily retrieved using the Get Item From List action, so the workflow is just three steps:

  Workflow: Copy OmniFocus Task Link

The workflow is available here.