Unobstruct app icon

A week ago Troy Gaul released a universal iOS app called Unobstruct. It’s a Safari Content Blocker that removes those annoying floating bars that are used on sites like Medium.

Medium web page without Obstruct Medium web page with Unobstruct
Left: A Medium web page without Unobstruct.
Right: The same page with Unobstruct. The bottom "Open in app" and social media buttons have been removed.

There are some floating bars — primarily those found at the top of web pages on sites like Medium and Bloomberg — that Unobstruct doesn’t automatically block. (Unobstruct doesn’t block them because they’re often needed for page navigation on sites that use them.) Fortunately, Unobstruct includes an Action Extension that allows you to manually remove them.

Top floating bar on Medium web page Unobstruct Action Extension
Left: A Medium web page with a top floating bar (highlighted by red rectangle).
Right: The Unobstruct Action Extension (highlighted by red rectangle).
  Web page with floating top bar removed
The same page after the top floating bar has been removed by the Action Extension.

Unobstruct is 99 cents in the App Store. It’s a universal app, so it works on both iPad and iPhone (where it’s really useful since those bars take up so much space on the smaller screen).

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